Johanna Holtzclaw

Owner and Lead Design Consultant



With a total of more than a dozen successful years in Project Management, Design Consulting, Property Management, Community Association Management, Efficiency Process Consulting and Commission only Sales, Johanna came to us with a wealth of Service and Subcontractor, Property/Dwelling/Home & Business Owner experience and relationships.  Directly responsible for a combined annual management budget exceeding $7.3 M and representing over 5000 Owners with one mission in mind… Customer Satisfaction.   Johanna rounds out the Management team and is instrumental in Adler Program Development, Process Organization, Project Management and Customer/Client Satisfaction & Development.  Moreover, Johanna’s true passion comes from designing, planning and executing the vision of Adler client homes, projects and businesses.  Graduate of University of North Carolina (Wilmington & Greensboro Campuses) Johanna holds Degrees in Interior Architectural Design as well as Political Science & Psychology.